Ten Feet Five were a band which first started in the 60’s and included The Troggs Bass player Pete Staples. Here are his recollections of the band and it’s members:

Chris Britton

The first time I saw Chris he was walking off a rugby field covered in blood and mud. Andover Grammar School was playing Andover Boys Secondary Modern.

The next time I saw him was at a charity show in Andover. I was in The Senators and Chris was playing classical guitar on the same bill. Little did we realise how our lives would change in a couple of year’s time. Chris has always been a talented guitarist and I still think that he never got the full credit of the major part he played in The Troggs success.

John Hayward – Drums

I can’t remember much about John, only that he was full of fun and left not long after Dave Glover. I took Dave’s place and John Walker took John’s place.

Chris Penfound – Rhythm Guitarist

Chris could play any chord you could name and he also played the harmonica. His two sons play in a local band in Andover, ‘Torn Off Strip’.

Dave Smith (Hedgerow) – Vocals

Dave was a good front man and singer. He was full of fun and some of my best memories are after the gigs and down the pub after practice. Dave sadly died in 2005, but left a lot of magical memories that I still smile about today.

Pete Staples – Bass Guitar

Charlie Porter – Lead Guitar – 1995

Charlie was a very well spoken chap and I used to notice a smile come over his face when ever we were jabbering away in our Hampshire accents. When he settled down and got used to us I’m sure he really enjoyed his time in The Ten Feet Five.

1963 ‘Ten Feet Five’ demos

John Walker sent me this copy of some demos of ‘The Ten Feet Five’ that we recorded in 1963 at the Hamilton Studio on The Avenue in Southampton.

They do sound very 1960ish, which is true to the era and the equipment used.

We did send ‘Say It Wasn’t You’ to a record company, but they said it sounded too much like ‘The Four Pennies’ who had just had a hit with Juliette, so it was turned down. I feel ‘She’s My Witch’ would have been a better bet.
Our line up then was : Dave Smith – vocal, Chris Britton – lead guitar, Chris Penfound – Rhythm, Me – bass and John Walker- drums.
Editorial by Pete Staples February 2015

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    Love Potion Number Nine
    Ten Feet Five
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    Say It Wasn't You
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    She's My Witch
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