Nothing But Excuses were an alternative rock band based in Philadelphia USA < not much has been heard from them since 2013

This was their bio back in 2007:

“Music is a fickle thing: To us, music is doing what you want. No rules and no worries. Throw out the format, and write what you love. This is the pillar in which Nothing But Excuses is built upon. Journeys never end, and the road will always continue, but to begin something great, you need to start from the bottom. From basements to talent shows, to festivals, to the big stages in Philadelphia, Nothing But Excuses has invented and reinvented itself. It was created and incarnated into a philosophy of 5 musicians, 5 different musical tastes, and 1 dream: To be different from everyone else. Forget the cookie cutter rock, throw away your radio, and embrace what you love. Beginning in 2003, the song writing team of Gary Lolli and Lauren Green formed Nothing But Excuses in the suburbs of Brotherly Love . With a catalog of songs and an attitude for self-preservation, the team saw itself through departures, additions, and more departures, but their dreams were still intact. In 2005, John Dispaldo (formerly of The China Syndrome) joined the band. Having sworn off music, and not picking up sticks for a year, his in-the-pocket drumming fit perfectly with the NBE style. The trio went through lineup changes and finally settled on a core in 2006. Jon Murphy’s carnal hard rock guitar (also formerly of The China Syndrome) and Dave Seaner’s no-rules bass filled out the lineup, and truly, Nothing But Excuses was cemented. So, what do you get with Nothing But Excuses? Passion, Resilience, and Attitude come to mind, but why not see for yourself? “
Band Membera:
Lauren Green – Vocals
Gary Lolli – Guitar
Merf – Guitar
Dave Seaner – Bass Guitar
John Dispaldo – Drums