Growing up in Perry Bar, Birmingham, Kevin Jon devoted most of his time to writing music. The 80’s era afforded him the chance to watch and learn, with a view that, one day, it would be him up there performing his own tracks. As an 8yr old he contented himself with renditions of Billy Joel’s ‘We didn’t Start the Fire’ and as the years went on his compositions took shape around his influences.

But the journey to where is now has not been easy. Kevin Jon began to struggle with a panic disorder that made him irrationally afraid to even leave his room. In a never-ending cycle of fear and despair, he could not see how, in his current state, it would ever be possible to perform his own tracks if he was unable to function outside his four walls.
Music became an outlet – a cathartic outpouring of his emotions – and he began to write his most prolific lyrics. Family and friends shared with him their support and encouraged him to upload his tracks to MySpace – and from here it was hard to stop the turnaround!

Kevin Jon’s music caught the ears of SavageTrax, a record label and management company. The owner of SavageTrax knew exactly what Kevin had been through and threw him a lifeline in the shape of a four-album deal. The darker side of Kevin’s life began to recede as he worked toward perfecting the tracks that he had accumulated over the years.
Breaking through the fear barrier to follow his instinct inspired Kevin to write his first single When Fear Gets in the Way which released digitally Oct 07. His style is emerging with all the influences from his past and his present – a meld of 80’s pop, hip hop and R & B. The press begin to tout him as a British Justin Timberlake which delights him no end as Kevin Jon holds Timberlake and Timberland in high esteem.

2007 saw KJ perform in front of 25,000 people at Cardiff Mardi Gras Festival – a testament indeed to how far he has travelled towards his goals.

With his debut single under his belt, he looks forward to the release of his first album and along the way, he’d like to make clear, that fear need not get in the way of dreams.In 2008 KJ released his second single ‘Deep Within The Skin’ to critical acclaim, featuring a deep list of top quality remixes, Deep Within the Skin hit high on the club and radio charts. With these two singles under his belt, KJ is looking forward to the release of his next single ‘Shakin’ That’ in October 2008 and then his debut album. Along the way, he’d like to make it clear, that fear need not get in the way of dreams.

The ‘No Panic’ organisation and KJ have joined forces in an effort to reach sufferers who still shy away from seeking help. Support can be found through organisations such as the ‘No Panic’ charity and as a Patron of ‘No Panic’, KJ hopes to inspire sufferers to come forward as he did, proving that it is possible to beat a panic disorder.

In August 2010 KJ released his debut album also titled “No Panic” in dedication to the charity. The album is available on all legal music download sites, including I Tunes, HMV and many others.

To this date the singer has had 3 top ten dance records under his belt and has had some of the music industry’s finest remixers on board for the production of the songs.

KJ new website is due anytime now.

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