The intensely progressive Norwich outfit Avosetta pushed the boundaries of the alternative/post-hardcore scene to new, more melodic heights.

Blending influences from such heavyweights as Alexisonfire, Thrice and Finch, the Norfolk five-piece successfully combined driving riffs, soaring, catchy vocals and a brutal rhythm section, produced a refreshingly original assault!

The band, consisted of Sam (vocals), Jack (guitar), Ben (guitar), Will (drums) and Jay (Bass/vocals),  all seasoned and accomplished live performers, with a number of previous projects and successful shows under their belts; Avosetta delivered sublimely tight, technical performances in a storm of energy and enthusiasm, which is often imitated within the scene, but rarely rivaled.


Winter 2009 saw the Avosetta boys self release both their debut single ‘In A Nebula Fashion’ and the follow up release the ‘Of Our Lives – EP’, available on all major download sites including iTunes, Amazon, Napster and Spotify to name but a few.

In April 2015 the band announced on their Facebook page that they were splitting up amicably and would be involved in new projects.

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