The James Dean Syndrome
John Winn- Bass, Vocals, Sitar and contraption builder
Carl Macklin- Drums, Percussion and superman
Dominic Abbott- Lead Guitar, vocals and disco dancer
Jonathan Seymour- Guitar and Box Raconteur
The hip-groove-setting-cats that are The James Dean Syndrome put the ‘hip’ in Hip To The Trip. These wildcats have plenty of mojo that not even Sgt. Pilcher himself could raid. From the heavy bass lines to the cream filled guitar licks and not forgetting the dandy drum beats, the Jimmy Deans have an arsenal so suave (in which any ‘grunts’ plodding through the Vietnamese ‘boonies’ would give their last pouch of ‘Mary Jane’ for) they could take on the Viet-Cong.

If your waiting for a sound that hits you faster than a Porsche 550 Spyder then Jimmy Deans rhythm ‘n’ blues infected beats to their pysche-acoustic explosion will blow your mind. So if your a would-be-hip fortysomething or a tree-huggin peacenik tune in, turn on and drop out to The James Dean Syndrome.

Although TJDS still have a Facebook page, nothing much posted recently

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The James Dean Syndrome