Monika Lui
Monika Liu, a London based Lithuanian singer, who debuted last summer with her own produced EP “I am”, has released a new single “On My Own”.

“This song has a sensitive, strong story behind. It’s about two unbelievably down to earth lovers, who are breaking up and letting each other go without the drama that often comes with it. Relationships take constant work, and while it’s not easy to stay together after some time, on a flip side it’s also hard to let each other go separate ways.” – singer says.

As part of the chorus, Monika repeats the words “You can dance on your own”. “I compare relationship to a dance. It’s a dance when partners go with the flow together, with the rhythm, when they rely on each other and trust each other, when they are intimate, share the lead and follow each other. If some of these elements fail, that special, unique dance starts to fall apart, and so is the relationship. There are two broken hearts in this song but there is no anger.”

This song is made with one of the best young generation keyboard players in London – Gavin Powell who works with Emeli Sande and produced by a rising producer Linden Jay.

“Usually I write songs on my own, and have developed my own process of making music, but this time I couldn’t hide between loads of details and colours, all that was left was my voice, lyrics and piano. There was most definitely a special vibe in the room when we wrote and recorded the demo. ‘This is Gold’ – Gavin yelled. And I think it is too.” – Monika smiled.

Egle Simaviciute