Stolen Volume are a group of friends writing music that they enjoy.

Band Members 2008:
John Trickett: Vocals and Rythm Guitar
Benn Jones: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Loz Jones: Bass Guitar, Piano and Vocals
Sam Booth: Drums and Vocals

They were formed from the ashes of punk band “Pete Did It First” with John Trickett and Benn Jones leading the way. The two decided that their musical capabilities were not being tested with the punk genre and decided take flight into a more experimental direction. John and Benn were joined by Benn’s brother, Lawrence Jones, who filled the roll of bass player and 3rd vocal.

After spending nearly 6 months writing new material and trying to find their sound, the band were joined by drummer Tom Durkin. Sadly after six months with the band Tom decided to leave Stolen Volume to continue with university studies, and he was replaced with Mr Sam Booth.

After playing all over the North West, Stolen Volume became well known for their: solid writing style, catchy guitar riffs and four part harmonies.

They recorded 4 track live demo recorded March 2007 and a 3 track studio demo in August 2007, plus another live recording with new tracks in 2008.


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Stolen Volume