Raised since birth on a colourful diet of Motown soul, 80’s post punk/art rock, electronic disco, reggae, folk, hip hop, and Heinz Spaghetti Hoops, Rob’s first venture into the world of music creation and performance came at the tender age of seven, when uncontent with the less than profesional attitude of his school choir, he opted out and switched sides, taking up the B-Flat Cornet and blowing his little heart out for his junior school marching band.

From here, undeterred by his music teachers halitosis and chronic body odour, Rob stuck to his lessons for all of four years, learning to play a vast array of musical delights which he has sadly since forgotten. After this time, Rob’s musical aspirations were left stranded like Tom Hanks in Castaway, clinging for survival whilst his musical taste developed during his adolescent years, listening to amongst others, The Police, The Cure, Oasis, Blur, The Verve, The Beatles, some but not much Pink Floyd, Gary Numan and err… 2pac.

Nevertheless, Rob eventually discovered house music, and at the age of twenty, after securing his first (of several) credit card(s), he bought himself a pair of 1210’s. His life had reached a major turning point… Weaned from here, on the exotic fruits of Global Underground CD’s and numerous nights of ‘caffeine’ fuelled partying at Sankeys Soap, Rob did eventually become an aspiring house DJ of ‘above average’ potential, or so he’s been told….

Robe completed a Higher National Diploma of Music Technology. Based in and around Manchester, UK as a DJ and producer. Rob Delivers colourful and harmonic DJ sets wherever and whenever possible, to all who appreciate.  Loophole was put together during several late night sessions in December ’06. Rough, analogous and to be frank, short of adequate automation. Loophole was my intended interpretation of Zoo Brazil meets Freakazoid, dithered down through my underdeveloped, overancious production techniques… ”Colder” – A three minute fondle into the world of Logic Pro. Note to Madonna – Please don’t sue me…. x Crosstalk – Written and produced during several Ableton Live sessions in February and March ’07, Crosstalk takes over where Loophole left us… Delayed, analogue synths over harsh metalic drums. Just don’t listen to it too loud, it’ll probably give you tinitus… Shock Dialog – A Nightmares on Wax style colaboration with the uniquely talented Maliika of Maliika’s Project. Shock Dialog employs Maliika’s sensual vocals over Hip Hop drums and grand piano, with just enough delay, reverb and filtering to keep it glitchy. And then there’s me, talking about the one that got away, if you’re out there and you read this, enjoy!!

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