November Poll Results – Bands
QUIET LIONS retained top spot in the November Bands Poll, just ahead of KABUL DREAMS, there waqs a tie for third between BEST OF ENEMIES and UNSUNG LILLYUnsung Lilly are back in the UK for a couple of gigs to link in with their new single. HUSKY LOOPS who after their UK tour with Placebo, have being gigging across Europe and have just done a BBC Radio1 Session. There was another tie for sixth between EDWARDALICE and KNOCK OUT KAINE.

October Poll Results – Artists
TOM SPEIGHT topped the October Artists Poll, just two votes ahead of LUKE JACKSON, Tom’s latest EP “Waiting” is out in early December. JOE WALLER who is also working on new material was third with RYAN JAGGER coming next. JOHNSON JAY was fifth. whilst D.HO and STEFAN NOONS tied for sixth

September Poll Results – Bands
Another win for QUIET LIONS, but a really close result. They were just two votes ahead of newcomers to the Poll, BEST OF ENEMIES, who had the TOP TRACK in September. Next were FATAL CASUALITIES ahead of fellow Europeans PSYCHOPATHIC ROMANTICS. The last two places places were taken by two bands based in the USA, UNSUNG LILLY originally from the UK and Afghan’s KABUL DREAMS.

August Poll Results – Artists
Ryan Jagger went back to the top of the Artists Poll in August beating both Tom Speight and Luke Jackson who were second and third with just one vote seperating them. Next came Joe Waller who has been a little quiet of late, but hopefully new stuff coming our way soon. The final two places were filled by old favourites Johnson Jay and D.Ho.

July Poll Results – Bands
Although QUIET LIONS retained the top spot in the July Poll, it was a close result with PSYCHOPATHIC ROMANTICS making a strong comeback in second place. KABUL DREAMS came third ahead of UNSUNG LILLY, Afghan rockers and the English duo now both based on the West Coast of the USA. UK funk band BROTHER STRUT tied with Sweden’s FATAL CASUALITIES for the last two places.

June Poll Results – Artists
TOM SPEIGHT whose new EP “My My My” came out in July to rave reviews topped the June Artists Poll, LUKE JACKSON, currently touring Scotland tied with JOE WALLER for second place. Out on his own in 4th was RYAN JAGGER currently dashing around the UK appearing at various Pride events. The final two places were taken by long time AOLM favourites, JOHNSON JAY and STEFAN NOONS.

May Poll Results – Bands
Perennial AOLM favourites Quiet Lions topped the May Poll with Unsung Lilly in second place, both bands report they are back recording and hopefully we will hear the results soon. Kabul Dreams came next just one vote ahead of Fatal Casualties, with EdwardAlice and Fleesh tying for the last two places in the top six.

April Poll Results – Artists
Joe Waller
 topped the April Chart, just ahead of Tom Speight and Luke Jackson, Ryan Jagger was a little way back with Johnson Jay and D.HO rounding out the top six in a quieter than usual poll over the Easter period.

March Poll Results – Bands
QUIET LIONS return to the top spot in the March Bands Poll followed by UNSUNG LILLY, both bands have been in the recording studio, so look out for new music soon.  KABUL DREAMS came third, closely followed by January winners FATAL CASUALTIES.  KNOCK OUT KAINE were fifth, while French band OCEAN STORM and Brazil Proggies FLEESH tied for sixth.

February 2017 Poll – Artists
TOM SPEIGHT who has been getting good airplay in the UK topped the February Artists Poll. In second place was LUKE JACKSON who isa away from the UK at the moment, playing some gigs in the USA. JOE WALLER came third, good to see him back on the road with a gig in Camberley Surrey coming up, check his web site for details. Fourth was RYAN JAGGER, he has announced that he will be continuing to play at Pride events across the UK, plus one which is a bit farther away! The last two places were taken by JOHNSON JAY and D.HO

January 2017 Poll – Bands

The First Bands Poll of 2017 resulted in top spot for FATAL CASUALTIES, who also had the Top Track for January from their latest Album. Just one vote behind were the ever popular QUIET LIONS. A little way back, with just two votes separating them came two USA based bands, both originally from distant parts of the world. Afghan rockers KABUL DREAMS were third and UK girls UNSUNG LILY were fourth. LES PAULS came fifth just ahead of French band OCEAN STORM. February’s poll is for Artists, don’t forget to post your vote!

December 2016 Poll – Artists
It was a very successful year for TOM SPEIGHT, with well received releases and some great gigs, He came top in the December Poll. Just behind in second was LUKE JACKSON, who also had a good year , supporting Marillion on their European tour and gigging across the UK both by himself and with others. His latest album Tall Tales And Rumours, released towards the end of the year has been hailed as a critical success. In third place came RYAN JAGGER, although he didn’t release any new music, he criss crossed the UK appearing at Pride events to great acclaim. JOE WALLER has been building a strong reputation as a singer/songwriter and took fourth place. Regular AOLM  favourite, JOHNSON JAY, who has been wowing audiences in London and ambient music producer DEXTER BRITAIN filleD the final spots.

November 2016 Poll -Bands
QUIET LIONS again topped the November Poll, a fair way ahead of UNSUNG LILY. The Afghan band KABUL DREAMS, now based in the USA came third. There was a three way tie, for fourth, UK based EDWARDALICE, French based, OCEAN STORM and USA based THE UNDECIDED MAJORS.

With the advent of the new website, we have decided to run a single Poll each month alternating between Bands and Artists.