On a dare, Mike, the lead vocalist of Famous by Monday, auditioned for The Voice. And although the outcome was not what he had hoped for, it did inspire him to pursue a singing career. Mike is not a trained vocalist and somewhat new to the music industry and realized he needed to work with someone who had this knowledge. After much thought, he remembered his cousin Louis had a musical background.

Louis, a bass guitar player previously from the band “The Gentleman”, jumped at the idea of starting a new band. A week later they got together and started jamming and writing original music in Mike’s basement. After hours and hours they both realized the difficulty of writing a song based off a bass guitar. Louis then taught himself the rhythm guitar in hopes of helping the song writing process.

Together they spent many hours writing original music while Louis mastered the rhythm guitar and Mike trained his vocals. It was time to add a lead guitarist. They decided to recruit Louis’ brother Ant.

Now Ant was a bit reluctant at first, even though he had been playing the guitar on and off for the past five years, he wasn’t sure he wanted to attempt this endeavor. As only a brother can do, Louis convinced Ant to pick the guitar back up and join the band. Ant brings a much needed musical aspect to the band which allowed them to expand their musical repertoire.
As the band grew and the music industry changed, they decided a female vocalist would bring some depth to their song. They approached their other cousin, Kennedi, to be featured on Young at Heart. With the help of producer Rob Freeman, Young at Heart came to life.
Editorial by Hannah Balcam

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