Dean Austin is a singer/songwriter from Bishops Stortford in the UK.

“No man is an island, but Dean Austin must feel like he’s alone in a sea of style-over-substance musicians. Eschewing both the posturing of the identikit rock stars and the plastic self-indulgence of the hackneyed singer-songwriters that litter the current British music scene, Austin takes lyrical swipes at all the bogeymen of modern culture. Aiming his poisoned darts at political incompetence, the brainwashing of the masses, and superficial pop stars, his cynicism is only matched by his wit and eloquence.

Austin’s music is propelled along by a powerful and evocative voice that growls for your attention and then seduces with its suppleness, along with a forceful and commanding acoustic guitar technique. This is no thirty-something’s bedroom music, but a thunderous rumbling of sound and fury with a very contemporary slant. His growing coterie of admirers eagerly anticipate his first full-length recording, due some time in the new year, which, there is no doubt, will be an eruption on a formidable scale.” M Hockley,

Dean released new music in 2015, check out his bandcamp page.


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    Good Job Guns Are Illegal
    Dean Austin

Dean Austin