Taken from Caro’s web site:

Caro Jordanow is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, who is well versed and serious about her craft, and an artist, who loves to blur and overcome genre boundaries.

In an immensely authentic way she blends familiar stylistic elements with her very own sound ideas and creates an incomparable musical cocktail that is inspired by songwriting of the present day as well as by tunes from classical folk, jazz and soul music.

Her songwriting comes across as a sophisticated blend of influences that does not simply merge musical styles but melts them seamlessly and results in a new sound beyond common genres.

With the musical spotlight on the storytelling aspect, the depicted lyrical images range from intimate and yearning to sensitive and gentle. The themes are about beginnings and endings, about wishes and insightful conclusions. The lyrical images are precise enough for a quick emotional association but not as revealing as to prevent the listener from discovering their very own interpretations of the songs even when listening to the pieces over and over again.

With her approach to songwriting Caro Jordanow accomplishes to circumnavigate the shallowness of modern pop, while successfully reaching the listener’s ears and getting through to their inner mind.

With her unique vocal qualities and timbre she reaches a constantly growing, versatile and faithful audience. When she sings her voice arises from the inside, touches her listeners and moves their souls. The strength, clarity and expressiveness she leverages to convey her emotions regularly captivate her audience.

The debut EP offers only a glimpse of her current work, but is already filled with ingenuous and touching tunes and compositions of sublime lightness wrapped in a vibrant and brilliant sound.

The EP features wonderful performances by her terrific live band. The songs were recorded at the legendary nhow Studios in Berlin and produced by René Jacobi. The result of this extensive production sounds absolutely authentic, catching and confident like hardly any other debut of an upcoming artist. It already gives an impression of what is still to come from this exceptional artist.”


Caro’s original AOLM post

Hi, this is the official ArtistsOnLineMusic by me, Caro Jordanow.
I’m a 18-year old girl from Berlin, Germany. I play the guitar since 3rd grade and the piano. I don’t want to call myself and artist yet, haha, but it was the only way for signing up here on AOLM so that I could upload some of my music ;). Thanks to a lot of friends and family who supported me I was able to go on with my music no matter what happened.
A “Thank you” to aaall of them! I hope you enjoy the music!