Before the days of Halloween being filled with sweets and costumes, shouting children and spooky ghouls and monsters, it was the day to celebrate our loved ones that we’ve sadly lost. Many believed that the vail between this world and the next was at its thinnest at this time of year, and communication with lost family members or loved ones is at its easiest.

With this in mind, young artiste Alex Louise has decided to release her next single ‘You Don’t See Me’ in late October, just in time for Halloween. The song was written and inspired in a haunted studio in Surrey where Alex and co writer Sam Bosanquet used their surroundings to inspire the story of a ghost who is trying to connect with a loved one. The question of life after a death is one that comes up lot however is not often addressed. Alex Louise has struck a chord close to everyone’s heart as she describes the heartbreak of reaching out to someone who doesn’t even know you are there, seeing them hurting but not being able to help them.

‘I did not write this song from personal experience, the lyrics just came to me. Every time I perform this song, I just want to cry and sob. It is the weirdest thing, there are other songs that I have written from the heart that don’t have even half the effect that this song has on me. I hope people feel it too.’ – Alex Louise 

Alex also has a band called Ophelia


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